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Registered Nurse Advocating For Patients Across Denver Since 2017

Nurse advocates are a liaison between patients and doctors who are hired by the patient.  They help people understand their diagnosis, medications, and options for treatment.  This includes attending appointments, pre and post surgery, and checking in during hospitalizations.  Every patient has different beliefs, preferences and circumstances which may conflict with a doctor's suggestions.

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Attend Doctors appointments 

Doctors appointments can be difficult. Between medical jargon and multiple care and treatment options, its easy to get lost wondering what it all means. Lisa is here to help.


hospital care monitoring

Any hospitalization, whether its you or a loved one, can be extremely stressful to all involved. When monitoring care during hospital stays, your patient advocate nurse will help alleviate some of that worry.

assistance in medical decision making

When multiple options for care are provided, making treatment decisions can be overwhelming, especially to those without experience in the medical field. Lisa will extensively evaluate each option and present them in an understandable manner

emotional support

Anytime you or a loved one undergo medical treatment, it can cause severe emotional strain to everyone. As your patient advocate nurse, Lisa will also provide emotional support to the patient and family members.

prescription management

Diligent medication management is essential to successful treatment. With 30 years of experience, Lisa is well versed in reviewing and organizing prescriptions.


phone consulation

Still have questions? Lisa is available for phone consultations. Drop her a line via the contact page in order to set up a time to chat, answer any questions, and provide direction. 



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