Patient Advocate Nurse


“To cure sometimes, to heal often, to comfort always”

Areas of Practice


Attend doctors appointments

Doctors appointments can be difficult. Between medical jargon and multiple care and treatment options, its easy to get lost wondering what it all means. As your patient advocate nurse, Lisa will attend appointments with you, take notes, translate from medical to laymen’s terms, and assure any questions the client may have are answered. She will also provide a written summary of the appointment. 


hospital care monitoring

Any hospitalization, whether its you or a loved one, can be extremely stressful to all involved. When monitoring care during hospital stays, your patient advocate nurse will help alleviate some of that worry. Lisa will act as a liaison between the patient, relatives, and medical staff as well as ensuring comfort, monitoring progress, and facilitating discharge plans in order to keep hospitalizations as smooth as possible. 


assistance in medical decision making

When multiple options for care are provided, making treatment decisions can be overwhelming, especially to those without experience in the medical field. Your patient advocate nurse is here to help. Lisa will extensively evaluate each option and present them in an understandable manner to the client. She will also help oversee communication regarding decision making when relatives are not in close proximity and may also act as a communication liaison between the client and medical care staff.

emotional support

Anytime you or a loved one undergo medical treatment, it can cause severe emotional strain to everyone. As your patient advocate nurse, Lisa will also provide emotional support to the patient and family members and check on the well being of the clients either by phone or in person, as requested. 



prescription managment 

Diligent medication management is essential to successful treatment. With 30 years of experience, Lisa is well versed in reviewing and organizing prescriptions and can carefully double check prescriptions to avoid error, ensure the patient understands what each medication is, review instructions to follow for each medication, and monitor for side effects.                                                                            


phone consulations 

Still have questions? Lisa is available for phone consultations Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm. Drop her a line via the contact page in order to set up a time to chat, answer any questions, and provide direction.